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Office News in Naples & Fort Myers, FL

Get to know us better and learn more about our office. This section outlines relevant “Office News” covering the last couple years. Here you will find information about new techniques, new procedures and new equipment, Dr Hoop’s comments and general office news.


November 2014 – PerioProtect peroxide gel application trays simplify the treatment of gum disease

The successful treatment of periodontal (gum) disease has relied on traditional therapy including scaling and root planing followed by surgery (when indicated) in moderate to advanced disease conditions. PerioProtect uses custom fabricated trays that are worn over the teeth and gum area (once a day) to deliver a hydrogen peroxide gel to the affected areas. This treatment is used along with traditional therapy to: 1) improve the outcome of treatment, 2) minimize the need for surgical therapy, and 3) improve the long term results of maintenance following traditional treatment. PerioProtect trays are easy and comfortable to use. PerioProtect is another option for the non-surgical treatment of periodontal disease.

October 2014 - CS Model Software

October 2014 – New flexible payment & financing options for patients

We are pleased to announce the addition of Springstone financing. Springstone offers no interest financing, extended payment plans and liberal credit approval. This gives our patients even more options and greater flexibility to pay/finance needed dental care with very flexible terms to fit any budget.

September 2014 – Dr. Hoop 1st in Southwest Florida to use CS3500 Digital Intraoral Scanner

Dr. Hoop is the first dentist in Southwest Florida to use the CS3500 intraoral digital scanner. The CS3500 is a truly portable, powder-free intraoral scanner that helps practitioners obtain high-quality 2D and 3D images. The intraoral scanner offers the latest imaging technology for digital impressions combined with industry-leading precision and an intuitive, ergonomic design.

The high-resolution images captured by the scanner eliminate the need for Dr. Hoop to use the putty associated with taking traditional impressions or the spray powders or liquids other intraoral scanners require. This streamlines the scanning process, which means less time in the chair and quicker appointment times for our patients. Not to mention, the true color 2D images captured by the CS 3500 make color matching restorations easier and therefore more natural-looking.

The lightweight, ergonomic design of the CS 3500 is easier to hold and handle, making it more maneuverable within a patient’s mouth. The scanner tip is available in two different sizes—a standard tip for adults and a smaller, tapered tip for children and adults with small mouths, allowing Dr. Hoop to treat patients more comfortably.

The CS 3500 is part of an open computer-aided design/manufacturing (CAD/CAM) system. Using the scans captured with the CS 3500 Dr. Hoop can design the restoration and easily and quickly share it with a number of labs around the country for fabrication.

June 2014 – Securedds.com email portal added for increased electronic security

Due to general concerns about the security of electronic communications, we have recently switched our email to a more secure email portal for the exchange of confidential patient communications or patient data. This portal allows for seamless encoding of communications for heightened security. We will keep our general email for all non-critical, non-sensitive email communications.

June 2014 - Dr. Hoop comments on dramatic KöR whitening results !!!

We have been involved with the best whitening systems for more than 15 years, both take-home systems and in office power whitening, but this new KöR whitening is simply amazing. We are getting results far better than anything I have seen before. The KöR whitening system has both a take-home component and an in office component. By custom tailoring each individuals whitening procedure to their specific situation, we are able to get more dramatic results and whiten teeth that I previously wouldn’t attempt to treat. We have even been able to successfully whiten teeth with the KöR system that failed to whiten or improve with treatment using previously available products. Because we have greater versatility to custom tailor the treatment, I am now far more confident in our ability to meet people’s cosmetic desires. My staff has seen such a dramatic difference in the results we have obtained on patients that they are begging me to whiten their own teeth. The KöR system is a real winner!

May 2014 – Salivary DNA testing for periodontal (gum) disease

The diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease has traditionally had to rely upon the evaluation of clinically measurable parameters such as periodontal pocket depths, attachment loss, bleeding on probing, radiographic bone loss and visible evidence of inflammation and infection. It has been long accepted that the progression of periodontal disease in any patient is dependent upon the amount and type of oral bacteria present as well as the individual patient’s systemic immune response. Thanks to new technology, we can now use a simple salivary DNA test to determine the exact species of bacteria present and recommend adjunctive antibiotic therapy to help treat the disease. Salivary DNA testing can be used during the initial diagnosis of disease as well as to evaluate results following treatment. In addition, salivary DNA testing can be used to test a patient for genetic predisposition to a hyper inflammatory response (estimated in 30-35% of the population). These particular patients may have an increased risk for periodontal disease and a poor response to periodontal treatment so identification of this genetic predisposition can aid in successful treatment outcomes.

May 2014 – Salivary testing for oral Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) has been implicated in a number of cancers. We now have a simple oral salivary test to check for the presence of HPV in the oral cavity. Researchers have recently become more concerned with HPV as the potential cause of some oral cancers.

March 2014 - “Magic Forceps” simplify tooth extractions!

We are constantly looking for better ways to deliver optimal oral health care to all of our patients. We have recently started using the latest innovation for tooth extractions. These newly designed forceps are the latest refinement of the most advanced extraction forceps on the market. They allow us to complete extractions more comfortably, in less time, with less force, less trauma and with less post-operative discomfort. These are a significant advancement in improved patient care. In our office we simply refer to them as "The Magic Forceps".

March 2014 - The KoR whitening system “Wow Factor”

We are pleased to introduce KoR whitening to our patients. KoR is simply the best tooth whitening system in the world. It was developed by Dr. Rod Kurthy after many years of research in tooth whitening. The KoR whitening system uses a two-step process to achieve dramatic whitening results. This system has been proven to achieve significantly better whitening results on a much broader range of discolored teeth.

November 2013 - Dr. Hoop first Level 2 Six Months Smiles orthodontic provider in Southwest Florida

Dr. George A. Hoop, D.D.S. is the first dentist in Southwest Florida to achieve Level 2 certification with the revolutionary Six Months Smiles short-term orthodontic system. Six Months Smiles is one of the latest innovations in adult orthodontic treatment. It is estimated that four out of five (80%) adult patients who are unhappy with their smile because of crooked teeth are candidates for Six Months Smiles short-term orthodontic treatment. Six Months Smiles can correct an unsightly smile in an average treatment time of just six months (rather than 2 years typically associated with comprehensive orthodontics).

October 2013 - Healthy & White for Life program introduced

Our office is pleased to introduce the Healthy & White for Life program to our patients. Healthy & White for Life is a new program for patients who want to whiten their teeth or need special fluoride tray treatment to prevent cavities. For a one time fee, patients can purchase either take-home professional tooth whitening or fluoride tray applications. Following this one time purchase, as long as patients remain on a regular recall schedule, they receive a tube of whitening material or fluoride at each cleaning appointment(once per six months) - absolutely free, for as long as they remain active with our practice.

October 2013 - New Bien-Air iChiropro implant handpiece system

Dr. Hoop and Total Dental Solutions for Adults announce the introduction of the iChiropro implant system. This new implant handpiece control system will allow us to simplify dental implant surgery and benefit all of our implant patients by providing more predictable care, with less treatment time, less surgical trauma and ultimately better surgical results. The iChiropro from Bien-Air is a revolutionary new ultra-high performance implantology system which offers unrivaled ease-of-use and cutting edge technology. This new device, with an iPad as a user interface and equipped with the best performing instruments on the market, paves the way for a new generation of medical appliances. This device offers the complete pre-programmed operating sequences from the largest implant manufacturers and a number of options for complete customization. The iChiropro controls the highest performance micro motors on the market.

July 2013 – Dr. Hoop now using the VELscope Vx Enhanced Oral Assessment System

The VELscope is used by dentists to help detect oral tissue abnormalities, including oral cancer and pre-cancer. The VELscope Vx system is harmless and easy to use and utilizes a special light to inspect the mouth and tongue. Healthy tissues fluoresce in distinct patterns that are visibly disrupted by trauma or disease. The VELscope can detect tissue changes earlier than the naked eye. Early diagnosis is a key to improved treatment outcome.

March 2013 - New socket grafting protocol following tooth extraction improves results for implants

After considerable review of the scientific research and based upon cutting-edge technology, I have improved and modified our surgical protocol for bone preservation following tooth extractions. These procedures are typically performed when we want to preserve/maintain bone volume following tooth extractions for the placement of dental implants or cosmetic bridgework. Newer techniques and materials simply make the results from this type of procedure more predictable.

November 2012 - The Direct Dental Savings Plan introduced

I am pleased to announce that after several revisions, we have finalized the Direct Dental Savings Plan and we are now offering it to all of our patients (both existing patients and new patients). The Direct Dental Savings Plan is a brand-new, affordable, user-friendly direct to consumer dental insurance alternative offering greater financial cost savings, ease-of-use, vastly fewer restrictions, almost no limitations and no paperwork hassles. This is going to change financial options for patients and make dental insurance obsolete. The Direct Dental Savings Plan offers unlimited savings for ideal care. Visit DirectDental Savings.com for more complete details.

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