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Story Behind the DDS Plan

Complete Dental Services in Fort Myers & Naples, FL

Today there are more options for solving individual dental needs than ever before. With these solutions, most patients can enjoy the benefits of a healthy, comfortable, and attractive smile.

But naturally, you want to know your dentist is well-trained and experienced.  Dr. Hoop has been in practice in the Fort Myers area since 1991 and Naples since 2001, and holds both a general dental degree and a specialty degree in periodontics. Our office is one of a limited number of offices in the United States that provides all common general dental services, along with all services typically offered by a periodontal specialist, including advanced periodontal therapy, occlusal treatment, and dental implants.

Part of Dr. Hoop’s vision in creating our office was to offer a very broad range of dental services for adults in one office, combining the convenience of general dental care with the knowledge, skill, and experience of a dental specialist at competitive prices.

Convenient Dental Treatment

Our broad range of services is an extra convenience and benefit to those adults who need dental implants, or are diagnosed with or under treatment for periodontal disease. Typically these patients would require ongoing care in at least two separate offices, but we provide comprehensive care for both. Additionally, many cosmetic dental procedures require some form of gum modification for best results. Rather than the confusion and stress of coordinating treatment between two or more offices, we can complete complex treatment in one office, decreasing confusion and increasing your convenience and the coordination of your care.

Our offices feature these routine treatments:

Dental Hygiene & Prevention

At our offices in Fort Myers and Naples, we put a high priority on prevention through regular hygiene visits. By seeing us every six months for a dental cleaning, we can help you prevent the most common oral health problems, like gum disease and tooth decay. We can also talk to you about effective homecare, so that you’re truly giving your smile the close attention it deserves in between visits.

Click here to see the answers to your questions and common concerns about dental treatment.

Dentistry While You Sleep

For many individuals, the anxiety and stress of going to the dentist keeps them from enjoying the benefits of optimal oral health or an attractive smile. Click here to learn more.

Periodontal Disease

The two most common forms of periodontal disease are gingivitis and periodontitis. It’s been estimated that periodontal disease will affect 75% to 90% of adults. Click here to learn more.

Dental Implants

Millions of Americans are missing one or more teeth, with older adults typically missing more teeth than younger adults. Dental implants are man-made substitutes for individual tooth roots. They can provide artificial teeth that look natural and feel secure. Click here to learn more.

Bad Breath

Chronic bad breath or "halitosis" is a problem for 10% to 20% of adults. Occasional bad breath is a problem for a much larger number of people. Are you, or someone you know, one of the millions of people who suffer from bad breath? Click here to learn more.

Healthy and White for Life

The Healthy and White for Life program is a one-time purchase entitling patients to upper and lower bleaching or fluoride trays, plus initial bleaching or fluoride material for take-home whitening or fluoride treatment. Click here to learn more.

Do you want to learn more about any of our services or schedule an appointment with Dr. Hoop? Call our Fort Myers or Naples office today. Our team is always willing and eager to help you. Dr. Hoop serves patients from Fort Myerss, Naples, and all of Southwest Florida.

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