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Halitosis Dentistry in Naples & Fort Myers, FL

Bad Breath Therapy

Are you, or is someone you know, one of the millions of people who suffer from bad breath? Occasional bad breath is a problem for a large number of people, but chronic bad breath–also known as halitosis–is a problem for 10-20% of adults.

Halitosis has been defined as stale or foul-smelling breath. Incidental halitosis refers to bad breath that results from one or more specific incidents, like eating garlic or onions, and is general temporary. But chronic halitosis is related to an obvious cause and persists for a longer time. Dr. Hoop offers effective therapy for halitosis that’s based on years of experience and the latest research regarding bad breath and its causes. Don’t let the stigma of bad breath ruin your life. We can help you overcome your bad breath and improve your self-confidence and oral health.

What Causes Halitosis?

Approximately 90% of all halitosis has an oral health connection, while the other 10% is caused by other problems. These non-oral causes are often the result of some other problem in the body. Examples include: diabetes, kidney disease, leukemia, liver dysfunction, endocrine, and other metabolic disturbances. Most cases, though, are caused by bacteria–the same bacteria that are also responsible for periodontal disease. If you have oral halitosis, visit Dr. Hoop for a professional evaluation and a customized treatment plan.

Effective Treatment for Chronic Halitosis

Bad breath is a real concern for many individuals and can affect their social, professional, and even romantic avenues of life. A majority of chronic cases are associated with bacteria and periodontal disease. Research has been conducted in the area of halitosis or bad breath. Dr. Hoop has reviewed the existing literature and research on the diagnosis and treatment of chronic halitosis and can help.

Based on this existing information, we have incorporated a special treatment regimen in our office for those concerned about bad breath. Treatment for halitosis is often simple, painless, and effective. To help you, we may recommend using specific products as part of your daily brushing and flossing routine, or we may recommend a customized treatment plan for gum disease.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bad Breath

Our Fort Myers and Naples offices are happy to help anyone struggling with chronic halitosis. Call today if you would like to learn more about personalized care or would like to schedule your consultation appointment. We serve patients from Fort Myers, Naples, and all of Southwest Florida.

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