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Common Concerns About Dental Treatment in Naples & Surrounding Cities

Are you concerned about dental treatment?

We’re very aware that many people have special concerns about dental treatment. We’ve found that most of these fall into one or more categories. Knowing this, we strive to accommodate individual concerns so that our patients can benefit from excellent dental health. On this page, we’ll address some of the most common concerns our patients have, including:

How do we keep you safe?

Your safety and continued health is extremely important to us. All of our sterilization procedures conform to or exceed those recommended guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control, OSHA, and the American Dental Association. Our instruments and handpieces are heat-steam sterilized in an autoclave after each use, while other supplies used in your treatment are made of plastic or paper and are only used once, on you, then disposed of.

Do you offer sedation for dental anxiety?

It’s common for some people to experience anxiety when it comes to visiting the dentist. To help, we’re happy to discuss any concerns or questions you might have, in addition to providing several levels of sedation to ease your fears and help you relax through your treatment.

Are you concerned about cost?

We offer a variety of financial arrangements to help make proper dental care affordable, but these are usually discussed on an individual basis. Our various financial options have helped many people enjoy the benefits of dental health. If you have insurance, we’re experienced in helping you obtain the maximum benefit/reimbursement from your insurance company. If your treatment needs are extensive, we may be able to break up your treatment into smaller steps so that it’s compatible with your budget. This approach, coupled with one or both of the above, will allow many people to enjoy the rewards of ideal dental health.

Are you concerned about time?

We understand that our patients have busy lives, and that finding time for proper dental care can be difficult. For those who need extensive treatment, we offer flexible scheduling, whether you need longer appointments to get more work done or you want shorter appointments that are more spread out. We’re happy to accommodate your individual preferences.

How important is regular dental care?

Most people may not see regular care visits as urgent, but it is. Most dental conditions worsen with time, becoming more costly to treat as they do. With regular care, we can help you treat some of the most common conditions early, when they’re just beginning to form, so that treatment is less time-consuming, less invasive, and more affordable.

Do you have trouble trusting dentists?

We know that this is a difficult issue for some patients. That’s why we are serious about getting to know our patients as individuals. We’re just as serious about explaining your treatment options in as much detail as possible. We’re always open to questions, as we want patients with trust issues to have complete confidence in our ability to help.

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